I believe that the methods by which we increase our altruism, our sense of caring for others and developing the attitude that our own individual concerns are less important than those of others, are common to all major religious traditions. Though we may find differences in philosophical views and rites, the essential message of all religions is very much the same. They all advocate love, compassion, and forgiveness. And even those who do not believe in religion can appreciate the virtues of basic human values.

—The Dalai Lama, An Open Heart: Practicing compassion in everyday life

The Tinyblue Foundation was established in November 2000 by David and Cynthia Trowbridge as a means for realizing their personal visions and sharing some of their good fortune with the community. David’s heart has been in teaching science and helping kids understand the world around them. He believes that the feelings one experiences when doing science and teaching science have important spiritual qualities that are too often ignored or denied.

Cynthia feels a strong sense of gratitude for her own life and is motivated to help others in less fortunate circumstances. She believes that the most important job we have in caring for others is to provide stable, safe and loving environments. The challenge is to take what we have learned in raising children and apply that to environments outside the home.

David’s association with the Tahoma Zen Monastery on Whidbey Island has led to the purchase of a twenty-acre property close by. The property includes a five-bedroom home, a small cottage, a barn and a large shed. The partly wooded property has a beautiful pond teeming with wildlife.

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